Impact Factor: 1.3 (2022)

For over 70 years, the Journal of Agricultural Meteorology, know as Nogyo Kisho (農業気象) in Japan, has published original papers and review articles on the science of physical and biological processes in natural and managed ecosystems. Published topics include, but are not limited to, weather disasters, local climate, micrometeorology, climate change, soil environment, plant phenology, plant response to environmental change, crop growth and yield prediction, instrumentation, and environmental control across a wide range of managed ecosystems, from open fields to greenhouses and plant factories.



2021 Journal Impact Factor (JIF) has been released. The score of our journal, Journal of Agricultural Meteorology, was 1.375.
The new prices of Article Processing Charge (APC) are applied after 1st February 2022. Please visit the page “Information for Contributors”.
Our new website has been launched.